I had this picture in mind for quite awhile.  I took a series of photos of Sarah and Mars, and being the great photographer that I am, placed them in the sunset, looking off in some cinematic stance.  Well, as it turned out, Sarah posed perfectly in one photo, but Mars looked if sleep smacked him upside the head.  Mars posed great in the second photo, but Sarah's arms were getting tired, so she was leaning back, pulling him up.

Taking this on as a challenge, I scanned both pictures in at 300 dpi, then imported them into Photoshop 6.0 on a PowerMac G4 computer.  I selected Mars using the Path tool, then pasted him on top of Sarah.  Next, I painted out the drowsy Mars off of Sarah's form.  When I finished that, I painted in the rest of the house to cover up the rest of the tired Mars.

I flattened the image, saved it as another file, the opened it again in Photoshop.  I placed another picture I scanned of dramatic clouds to replace the house behind Sarah and Mars.  Instead of trying to cut out Sarah and Mars from the house and place them in front of the clouds, I decided to use a Layer Mask.   I created a complex mask in the clouds so strands of Sarah's hair would cover them, then adjusted the colors in both my family and the clouds.

I feel the resulting picture is a great demonstration of what photo manipulation can do.  I created a family portrait the way I envisioned it by using three photos, which, without Photoshop and the powerful computers available today, most likely would have been a close attempt to get the picture I wanted.



© 2001 Sam Sandoval