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May 26, 2006

Recently, James Treat released an anthology of short stories called Writing the Cross Culture: Native Fiction on the White Man's Religion. It features authors like N. Scott Momaday, Joy Harjo, John Trudell, Sherman Alexie, James Welch and - would you believe it? - ME! Yes, my short story Killing Time is the second to last piece in the book. You can read it here on this site, but support the book by purchasing it through one of the book sites listed below.

You may also remember the book I illustrated, Beaver Steals Fire, was released last fall. It's been getting good reviews and it's been selling well here in Montana. Go to Ebay,, or Barnes & Noble, type my name, Sam Sandoval, into the search window and the book should come up. I'm also working on getting some of the images up on Cafepress; that should be up soon. For those who don't know, Cafepress allows artists like me to put images on merchandise; you'll be able to buy your very own BSF stuff!

To learn more about Beaver Steals Fire, here are some links:

Rumor has it that a major literary association has nominated me for an illustrator award. I'll keep you posted if that's true.

In other news...

I've been getting a lot of e-mails asking about my father, Tony M. Sandoval. Mostly, people have bought his work and wanted to know more about him, and when they come across this site, they think that I might be related to him. Well, I am. I also get e-mail and guestbook questions about scratchboards. These are done by my uncle Sam. If you need to contact them, please e-mail me. I don't go into my guestbook often, so I don't answer those questions fast enough.

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